Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Junk in the Trunk

Yesterday evening when I picked up my parents at the airport, I popped the trunk to load their luggage and was amused with what lives in there year round. Atop needles from my Christmas tree from two years ago is:
  • a pair of snowshoes
  • a pair of rollerblades
  • a folding padded bleacher chair
  • several old towels for the dogs
  • a sunhat
  • a picnic blanket
Do you have permanent fixtures in your trunk?


Smellyann said...

Nope; I ain't got no trunk!

Momma Val said...

In the back of the minivan is lots of emergency road items, cooler full of towel, sun block, etc. stroller, windshield washer fluid, that kind of boring stuff. So, I don't have a trunk either. I do have junk in my other trunk though, pa-tunk-a-tunk? lol

coffeypot said...

Did you find Jimmy Hoffa in there?

Stacy said...

Don't really have a trunk either - but do have a kind of hatch back thing on the PT Cruiser and the backseat where I keep a plethora of things. I always have a roll of paper towel, jumper cables, my yoga mat, umbrella and an atlas. Usually a blanket as well.