Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm done with this month

Today was another good day in student teaching land. I'm starting to learn names. We did a lab today and I think we'll be doing another tomorrow. Snacks were a good idea.

On the home front, I showered today with water heated by my new used hot water heater. Its previous owners only used it for a couple months before replacing it with a gas version. It was given to me free of charge, and my contractor installed it for half the price another guy quoted me at. I hope it will live long and prosper. And perhaps be more energy efficient. I'd considered taking a picture of it, but then I realized no one else would be interested.

I'm experiencing a stabbing pain in the front of my right shoulder. It seems to be most associated with reaching for the mouse at my work computer. It's not cool.

Also not cool is this frigid weather. I would like to state my objection to the leap year business. I don't think anything should be done to elongate February. Couldn't we tack an extra day onto June?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Day Down

My first day of student teaching went well. I didn't do any traditional teaching in front of the class, but there was opportunity for more casual interaction. I'm not going to blog about my student teaching experiences even if I would like to. I may give occasional updates in the most vague sense.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work to pick up some fruit and granola bars. It was a long morning today without snacks. Now I will be well-prepared.

I am awfully tired so I must go to sleep soon. Tomorrow I may teach part of a class!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Productive Morning

I've already gotten my tires rotated, bought the afore mentioned bra with my $25 MyPoints reward card, stopped at the jeweler's to get my ring checked, and picked up a few school supplies at Target. I was floored to discover Target does not offer a single red pen. Are we that out of control that red pens are no longer available? I was pleased to see that my host teacher still uses them, but I need some of my own for grading. I guess I'll have to pay a visit to Staples. That could be dangerous. So many lovely office supplies in one place!

Time to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Then I'm sitting on the couch to watch some soap operas. Ha!

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Bad Luck

On my way back from class I stopped to pick up a sandwich and a soda because I had nothing in the house to bring for lunch. I walked into the office only to be told by my boss that she'd ordered pizza and soda for the whole office (something she only ever does on Saturdays).

I never get sandwiches from there because it's so expensive. I hate that I wasted $10 on lunch when I could've eaten for free. I hate that it bothers me so much that now I'm in a pissy mood.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bullets of Random Things

  • I need to get at least one of those door snakes, although I would prefer one that did not actually have a forked tongue. There is an excessive amount of cold air coming under the basement door. I use a gigantic couch pillow against the back door, but I think a snake would work for the basement. I found several on Etsy, but they are all stuffed with rice or beans. I'd rather not provide mice feed though. This is another one of those times that owning a sewing machine (and knowing how to use it) would come in handy.
  • I'm holding off on taking the trash out to the curb because I'm hoping to catch sight of the lunar eclipse. I'd like to minimize the amount of time spent exposed to the 19 degree temperatures, but I'd like to see the eclipse. I'm expecting cloud cover though, as the lake effect machine is supposed to be drifting my way.
  • I made yellow pancakes for dinner. Do I get nutritional credit for the eggs and milk or are they negated by all the butter?
  • I received my first reward from MyPoints the other day, but because I've been sick I haven't spent it yet. I picked a $25 giftcard from Macy's because I need a new bra. I figure under things are an exception when it comes to avoiding consumerism. And getting $25 free is no small thing. Sure all that clicking can be annoying, but now that I see it's real it's much less so. If anyone wants a referral let me know. (Smellyann, great minds must think alike.)

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Big Bad Flu

I spent all weekend lying on the couch under my blanket. One of my classmates came down with the flu at the same time as me, right after our teaching experience on Monday. At one point her temperature hit 103. I was feverish for days, but I don't own a thermometer. Note to self...

We're blaming another classmate, who also got sick but then flew off the Europe so she's not here to defend herself. Of course, there is all that talk on the news lately about how bad the flu is right now. Several of the staff in my office are out sick. Wash your hands and get lots of rest, folks!

Naturally, this little business with the flu has set me back with my school work. I normally do most, if not all, of my work on the weekends. It's also got me a little out of sorts with my work work as well. I'm having a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the morning, and my ability to concentrate isn't up to par.

My mother always insists that what I eat affects my health (radical thought!), so I tried to eat a vegetable for dinner tonight. I found some frozen peas in the freezer and managed to chip some off the block of ice. After a few minutes in the microwave they looked appetizing but tasted like nothing. Blah blah blah. No wonder I eat so poorly. I guess it's back to my fruit and vegetable-free diet.

I'd best turn off this machine and get some sleep. And maybe buy some vitamins when I'm shopping for a thermometer.

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Apologies

I would like to apologize to the other managers at our meeting for the fact that my nose dripped like a faucet the entire time. Apparently three tissues was not enough to get me through one meeting.

Why can't I be the kind of person that calls in sick?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Good Day, All Things Considered

Today I chose to ignore the fever, the cough, and the elephant sitting on my chest to pay a visit to the school I will be student teaching in in two weeks. I observed the 3 classes I will be teaching to get a feel for the students and for how my host teacher operates.

I made notes to myself including things like:
  1. get red pens
  2. find pencils
  3. find blank weekly lesson plan template (on-line?)
  4. wear pants with pockets (preferably with back pockets)
I wrote down lots of other more specific-to-her-classroom details, but I won't share those. I wonder if I should buy some black jeans. I'm pretty sure I made it through the 80s without a pair, but I've heard that 80s fashions are back.

FF was kind enough to bring me some cold medicine. Now my nose seems snuffed up too. Bonus.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hot Water

This morning I enjoyed my first hot shower since Friday. It was luxurious, but just about every second the water was running I was worrying that it would be the last drop of warmth.

The weekend involved draining the tank twice, a broken valve, and a ice-cold shower. There was microwaved water to brush my teeth with (they're very sensitive to temperature) and more microwaved water to wash my face with.

Now there's the prospect of a new tank to replace the 28 year old one that is clearly giving up the ghost.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Two Things

I'm starting to get anxious about teaching on Monday. It's only 35-40 minutes of teaching, but I have two particular concerns:
  1. We're teaching grades K-6, which is quite a bit younger than the 7th-12th graders I'm used to. It's been almost 10 years since I worked with these age groups as a camp counselor, which was a different animal altogether.
  2. We will be video taped and probably miked. The video camera alone is enough to turn me into a fast-talking, sweaty individual, but having a microphone on my chest to catch my every last mutter and grumble makes me even more nervous.
I know I need to get used to the video camera, as that will become a familiar sight over the next several semesters. It's a little odd because I've always enjoyed having my picture taken, but a video camera pointed in my direction has always immobilized me. Any advice on how to get over that?

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I love to vote. (Newsflash: I am a nerd.) All day on Tuesday I kept saying things like: "enough of this, I need to go so I can vote." I'm not sure my TA appreciated that when I said it to her during our break in my evening class. Oh well, she'd already voted and made it clear (without actually using names) who she'd voted for. That's fine, I knew who I was voting for when I got my chance. It just didn't happen to be the same person. No biggie.

After class I zipped home to my local fire station. I signed my name, and I waited my turn. It was over so quick, but I still felt like I'd accomplished something worthwhile.

As I was leaving I asked the lady manning my booth if that would be my last opportunity with the old style voting booths. She said there was a chance we'd still be using them come November, and I certainly hope so. The one time I've used a different method for voting was when I lived in Florida. And we all remember how well that turned out.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Meltdown

I hate the grocery store. I can never find anything to eat there. And when I actually know what I want (a rare occurrence) they somehow manage not to have any of it. I have never witnessed this store without potato bread, but alas tonight was the night.

For dinner tonight I ate microwavable white rice with butter.

And I've done a fair amount of hollering at the cats and dog.

I even had to change the ringer on my cell phone because it was annoying me.

And before you even say anything, I am not PMS-ing. But I surely am irritable.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Consumerism and Classwork

Because I know you all are desperately waiting to hear how much of my school work I got done...

I finished the longer of the two books I mentioned in the last post. You know, the book I had one week to read. I skimmed the chapter, which turned out to be really short (and really boring). Don't ask me what it was about. And I started my unit plan, which now contains five lesson plan rough drafts. They are incomplete, but it's a start. Thank goodness for the internets.

Yesterday I didn't leave the house. I didn't change out of my comfy clothes. I didn't even shower. By this morning I was itching to get out of the house, so I headed to Target (and yes, I showered first). I hadn't been there in several months (before Thanksgiving!) since I'm trying to keep my consumerism in check. I needed colored index cards for the lesson we're teaching next week. It took me a good eight minutes to find them. I went up and down the school supply aisles about 47 times. Apparently, index cards are not a hot commodity these days. After that, I took my sweet time picking up some necessities and looking for the elusive black cardigan that I've been hunting for for years (no luck).

After stretching the Target excursion for as long as reasonably possible, I headed back home for more school work. My back hurts from hunching over my laptop for two straight days. And although I didn't buy it, I saw a bag that I want. It would be perfect for transporting lesson plans and teaching materials to school once I start student teaching. It's certainly more professional than my backpack. So much for avoiding the consumerism; who wants to place bets on how long I hold out before I cave in and buy the darn thing?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Prepare to be bored silly...

The ice storm is over, but some of the ice still remains. It's not as impressive as it was last night when I got home from work to find tree branches that I can normally walk under touching the ground under the weight of the ice. Small branches are down everywhere in my yard, and I can see spring clean-up just got a whole lot more labor-intensive. I'm sure if I were more inclined there would be some good photo-ops, but alas I have to much to do to go wandering about with camera in hand.

I am on page 64 of the 196 page book that I'm supposed to have read by Tuesday night. FYI: assigning a whole book to be read in one week is tyranny. We do have other classes and, ya know, lives. (Well, not that I have a life, but I do have a job.) I have another whole book to be finished by Monday. I'm on page 76 of 127 for that one. Plus, there's another chapter in another book that I haven't even bothered to check its length. Because really, does it matter at this point? And to top it all off, the first draft of my unit plan is due on Wednesday. Guess I should start that soon.

Still reading?