Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Lunchtime Reading

With the wet and rainy conditions today I spent my lunch hour reading at my desk. This is the fourth book in the series, so I felt confident I would enjoy it. It takes place three years after the first three books, with a mostly different cast of characters. It is fast-paced and engaging and difficult to put down at the end of an hour. I may have to check to see if this author has written anything else that interests me.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Love of Water

On Saturday we went for a walk in a nearby neighborhood. I anticipated my son would enjoy this "lake" and I was correct. In fact we might still be there if I had not dragged him away with promises of peanut butter for lunch.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lunchtime Reading

On Friday it snowed. On Monday it was 80 degrees outside. Hello April, nice to see you again.

I wore a dress and sandals to work and spent 55 of my 60 lunchtime minutes outside walking and reading. It was glorious. I started this book just yesterday and didn't have time (with the walking) to get very far into it, but I was chuckling and nodding along. I'm looking forward to reading more today. And I can't wait for outdoor lunches to be the norm again!

Monday, April 03, 2017

2017 To-Do List: March

  1. Rearrange/clean the family room to make it a usable space 
    1. Move books down there to make it a library/family room?
  2. Get rid of items we don't use and/or don't like 
    1. clothes
    2. furniture
    3. kitchenware
  3. Read at least 24 books 8/24 - I read 3 books in March, so I'm still on track to make my yearly goal.
  4. Develop a system to ensure bills get paid in a timely fashion
  5. Hang wall art I hung one photograph on a nail vacated by a piece of art that belonged to my ex. I am not marking this as complete as I have more things that need to be hung. But, progress.
  6. Hang some sort of window treatment (curtains? blinds?) in family room COMPLETED - 3/19/2017. I ordered a pleated fabric shade from Amazon for ~$9. Not fancy at all, but it gets the job done.
  7. Blog at least once a week 13/52 - I have blogged at least once a week for the first thirteen full weeks of the year.
  8. Purchase new bras
  9. Purchase new underwear COMPLETED - 2/5/2017
  10. Go on a date
  11. Go swimming, preferably in a natural body of water
  12. Take my son camping in a tent in the woods for at least one night
  13. Frame a picture of my son for my desk at work COMPLETED - 1/17/2017
  14. Go to the Adirondacks
  15. Take my son to the zoo COMPLETED - 1/14/2017
  16. Install anti-tip straps on the TV
  17. Open a 529 account for my son COMPLETED - 3/8/2017
  18. Visit Second Home Nature Center at least once a month 3/12 - January & February. In March we went to the Nature Center for a pancake breakfast. We didn't walk the trails so it didn't necessarily meet the spirit of the goal, but I'm counting it anyway.