Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What I Ate Wednesday

Well, it was actually what I ate Tuesday so I could post it today, haha. Two years ago at this time I was at my lightest weight ever, a thoroughly unhealthy weight. I was constantly sick, including a week long stomach bug during which time I lost another 12 pounds. My clothes were literally falling off of me. Since then I've gained weight, sailing right past my normal resting weight and out the other side. I have only a few pairs of pants and shorts that I can still squeeze myself into. The main issue for me is how I eat at work. I am bored, restless, disenchanted, etc. So I eat. It distracts me for a few minutes. And before you suggest I try nibbling at something like baby carrots (gak), I assure you I've tried it. If the food is unsatisfying I will just acquire something else, which often means I've eaten more not less (first the lame food, followed by the bad food).

Anyway, here's a look at one random day's food consumption:

Black tea with sugar and milk

Whole wheat waffles with lots of butter

Plain black tea

I only buy one of these a week because they're so expensive.

All that was left or I would've eaten more.

Same as above. Last few pretzels in the bag.

Veggie chili with a slice of cheese mixed in.

I eat one of these every day at work.

Office cake. I managed to not eat ALL that frosting.

Penne with butter and parm

Mixed greens with croutons, craisins, shredded cheese, and blue cheese dressing

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Summer Wishlist 2018: Waterfall

I checked the first item off our summer bucket list this past weekend: hike to a waterfall. There are a lot waterfalls in the region, but none of them are on my side of town. Because we are still restricted by my son's nap schedule typically we hike first thing in the morning, then head home for a late lunch and nap. Google told me we could get to the county park that features a 137 foot waterfall in 37 minutes. I've spent a lot of time over the years at this park, including running a nature day camp there during college, but I haven't been in many years. I was so happy to see it again!

Friday, June 08, 2018

Summer Fun

Walk or bike ride? Walk.

Favorite picnic food? I'm not really a picnic person. I like potato salad and mac salad, but I'd rather throw a pb&j in a backpack and climb a mountain.

Pool or lake? Lake.

Favorite flavor of ice cream? Cinnamon buns. Chocolate chip cookie dough. Or vanilla in a pinch. Bring on ALL the ice cream. Except chocolate 'cause that's nasty.

Ice cream cone or in a dish? Dish. No thanks on the soggy, drippy cone mess.

Flip flops or slides? Neither really. I prefer Teva style sandals that stay on your feet. That said, I do want something I can just slip on and off for the ease of running in and out of the house this summer when we're playing in the yard.

Jean shorts or jean capris? Again, neither really. I don't love jean material. So restrictive. I'm all about comfort.

Favorite summer fruit? Berries. Apricots.

Corn on the cob or cut off the cob? On the cob. Plain. No butter or salt.

Favorite summertime song? Summertime by The Sundays. Or DJ Jazzy Jeff. Or Janis Joplin.

Favorite summertime activity? Hiking.

Favorite berry? Black raspberries.

Bikinis, tankinis or one pieces? I haven't gone swimming in years. I have a two piece with a skirt bottom. Unless the elastic is shot I see no reason to buy another one.

Dresses or skirts? Dresses. I like not having anything squeezing my mid-section.

One word to describe summer? Hot. Haha.

Inspired by Beth.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

2018 To Do List: May, etc.

  1. Rearrange/clean the family room to make it a more usable space
  2. Read at least 28 books - three books finished in May (14/28)
  3. Hang snow shoes
  4. Hang rabbit art (x2) in my son's room
  5. Acquire a hammer ✅
  6. Get rid of clothes my son has outgrown
  7. Get rid of clothes I don't wear/like
  8. Go swimming, preferably in a natural body of water
  9. Go to the Adirondacks
  10. Take my son camping in a tent in the woods for at least one night
  11. Frame 2017 school pictures ✅
  12. Spend less money on weekly groceries - efforts underway
  13. Try shopping at Aldi ✅
  14. Eat more veggies
  15. Eat more fruits
  16. Journal more
  17. Complete 365 Mile Challenge - 58.4 miles for May (161.7/365) Best month so far!! 
  18. Refinance my mortgage - process initiated
  19. Make my own kombucha
  20. Get my son to use the potty
  21. Get new glasses
  22. Decorate the house in some way for smaller holidays (Valentine's Day ✅, St. Patrick's Day ✅, Easter ✅)
  23. Grow some sort of veggie this summer (zucchini? tomatoes?)
  24. Have the driveway sealed
  25. Take down the baby gate at the top of the stairs to the family room ✅
My May mileage really kicked into high gear with all the biking I've been able to do. All the bike miles are "commute" miles back and forth from the parking lot at work. After having put all these miles on my folding bike, I do wish I'd opted for a bike rack instead. The folding bike is great in a lot of ways. It's super easy just to toss in the car and drive off at the end of the day. However, it has no shocks and doesn't shift well (or at all?), so it's not the most comfortable on bumpy, hilly roads.

I started the refinance process at the end of May, and have a tentative closing date in mid-July. As anyone who's ever bought a house or refinanced a mortgage knows all too well, this process requires a lot of time and attention. So I'm anxious to put it all behind me.

We've managed to get peepee in the potty a few times, but we're not making much headway. The boy is a bit too attached to his diapers. Argh.

We planted a few zucchini seeds and a billion marigolds seeds, all of which were destroyed by rabid squirrels. OK, maybe not rabid, but they show little regard for our desire to grow things.

In other news, I took an undergraduate course on Child Development in May. I just finished the last piece of coursework last night, so phew. One less source of stress. It was A LOT of reading.

I also took the advice of a colleague who'd had success using it and downloaded a dating app to my phone. I can't (won't) date in the traditional sense (dinner and a movie), so this may lead to nowhere, but it's a few minutes of entertaining swiping every now and again. I can tell you one thing: dudes need to learn how to take more pictures besides the "here I am holding a big fish" pose and the "bare-chested in bed" pose. No thanks.