Monday, April 26, 2010

Pretty in Pink

So pink is no longer my favorite color. In fact, it never was. But the color green had been taken by my older sister, and so I was more or less assigned the color pink. This weekend I got back to my pink roots when picking out a motorcycle helmet. The one I liked best was available in pink or black, but the black had to be ordered in my size. Always a fan of instant gratification I opted for pink.

That night we went for my first real ride on the bike (the test drive through a housing development hardly counts). The first couple miles were bordering on terrifying. I was chilled from the wind and super tense. When I finally relaxed, I found myself able to warm up some and enjoy myself. I even kept my eyes open during the last turn into our neighborhood. Probably a good thing we didn't go out on any of the local highways...

I can't wait to go out again as soon as the rain stops and the temperatures warm. Maybe I need a pink riding jacket and some pink riding gloves...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Done for Now

I went on my second birth as a doula last night. It didn't work out as well as I hoped. I got the call at 10:30 in the morning, but I couldn't leave work because three of the other managers were out. I was doula-sharing, so the other doula headed to the hospital without me, and I called my back-up. Unfortunately she was in an induction and couldn't attend my birth. By the time I got there around 5:30, the mom was almost ready to push. I felt bad about leaving the other doula hanging and not being able to fulfill my commitment to the mom. The experience helped to reinforce a decision I'd already made. Doula-ing just doesn't work in my life right now. Even though my employer is flexible about it, I can't always just up and leave. I'm also not dealing well with the possibility of having to be awakened at any moment in at least a three week window around a due date. I want less stress in my life right now, not more. So I won't be taking on any new clients. Maybe someday my life will be better suited to being a doula and I can take it up again. Because I like doing it. And I think I am good at it.