Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Knit the Season

My advance copy of Knit the Season arrived yesterday. It's the newest edition of the Friday Night Knitting Club novels by Kate Jacobs. I'm midway through my fourth required reading book for doula certification, but now I have extra motivation to finish that. It's funny to me that I enjoy the Friday Night Knitting Club books so much considering I don't even knit. I do occasionally crochet though! It's the characters and storylines that really grab me, of course. But I can't believe it's time for holiday stories already!


Smellyann said...

I need to see if our library carries any of that series. It sounds like fun!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Is it soemthing I might like? Holiday stories? Yikes?

I am reading Tyrannosaur Canyon by DOuglas Preston, probably a toltal antithesis to these.

Nadine said...

Mary, it's the third in the series, so if you decide to read them be sure to start at the beginning. These are fairly light, easy reads- a very good thing to incorporate into your reading schedule sometimes!