Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weekending: Fall Family Fun

This weekend was for fall family fun.

We kicked off the weekend on Friday night with a visit to the local nature center for day 2 of their 4 day Halloween celebration. Every year they set up two short trails through the woods lit only with jack o' lanterns and luminaries. It is a non-scary, family friendly experience. It was my sister and my almost 4 year old nephew's first time at this event, whereas my dad, step-mom, and I have been many times before.

On Saturday, in keeping with the theme, I enjoyed a bowl of pumpkin soup for lunch and then my husband and I were off to a big family party in honor of the twins' 12th birthday. His family throws big parties for each kid's birthday, attended by all the aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends, etc. that live within a two hour radius. They do this all the way through age 21! It's very different from how my family did birthdays for us as kids. We had small, casual kids parties and small family gatherings with just our grandparents. There was already discussion of us having to compete with one of the cousins for future party dates because their younger son has a birthday at the end of March, just a couple days after our due date. Apparently, it has never even occurred to any of them that I might have no intention of hosting birthday parties for 30-50 people every year (or any year). I'm starting to worry about the number of people that will descend on us in the hospital after the baby is born (or worse, while the baby is being born?).

Speaking of the baby, I cannot get used to having my abdomen be the focus of everyone's attention. It freaks me out when people demand to see my "bump." I wore a loose shirt to the party and was asked multiple times to pull it tight across my stomach to show off the true size of my baby bump. I realize it's done with good intentions. Everyone is SO excited about the new baby in the family. It's really sweet how thrilled they all are.

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

MMMMmmm that pumpkin soup looks yummy!

And of course, I WANT to see yr bump!

karen said...

how nice to have a huge gathering with family, I never lived near mine while raising the kids and that is something I would have enjoyed. love the photo of the soup--yum!