Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Random Updates

Work:  Saturday was my last day at part-time job #2. It is such a relief to be done there. I enjoyed the experience much more than expected, but retail is hard on pregnant bodies. All that standing, yo. I am in awe of women that waitress or work in retail right up until they give birth.

Pregnancy: I am now 34 weeks along, with 6 weeks to go (assuming a standard 40 week pregnancy). All goes well. I am fairly uncomfortable most of the time, as can be expected. I'm wearing a lot of slip on shoes. At 36 weeks (our next appointment) we have a sonogram to check the boy's position and estimate his size, etc. Our last sono was at 18 weeks, so I'm really looking forward to seeing the little guy again. We met with a pediatrician and toured the birth center at the hospital, so I was able to check off a couple baby-related items from my 2015 To-Do List.

Reading: Or in this case, re-reading: The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin. I read it years ago for my doula training but decided a refresher was in order.

Watching: All the 1/2 hour shows about people buying houses on the beach, in the Caribbean, on Hawaiian Islands, or other warm parts of the world not currently buried in snow and experiencing record breaking low temperatures. I've hit my personal wall with this winter. It's bumming me out.

lawn chair in our front yard

For Fun: We visited the 1890 House Museum a couple weekends ago for a guided tour, followed by an early dinner at Ciao in Ithaca.

sitting area in the turret in the master bedroom

the Fernery was added in the 1920s

the library
We like history and such. And wood-fired pizza, of course.

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I'd like some wood-fired pizza if I could eat pizza. Glad the pregnancy is going well, sorry yr uncomfortable! Nice pix, looks like a cool spot.

Cold and snowy here, too. We're totally tired of it.