Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Day in the Life

4:45-5:15* AM // Wake up to sounds from my son's bedroom indicating he is awake. Roll over, determined to get a few more minutes of sleep (or at least, rest). The likelihood of him going back to sleep is very slim.

5:25-5:35* AM // Give up and get up. Bathroom, then downstairs to turn on lights. Back upstairs to get my son out of bed. Nurse, read/play, dress.

6:15-6:30* AM // Head downstairs, Make tea, toast & eat an English muffin (shared with son, maybe 3/4 for me 1/4 for him).

6:45-7:00* AM // TV on to watch a few minutes of the local news and Today show.

7:10 AM // Upstairs to brush teeth, comb hair, and change into work clothes.

7:26 AM // Downstairs to put on coats, hats, shoes and load up.

7:34 AM // Pull out of garage and drive to daycare.

7:57 AM // Kiss son goodbye for the 87th time and drag myself through the classroom door. Linger excessively long while watching him on video monitor in hallway. Finally tear myself away and dash to car.

8:20-8:25* AM // Catch shuttle bus from parking lot to campus. Walk across campus, arriving a few minutes late, but still well before anyone else in the office. Arriving on time is not a source of stress in this office, thankfully.

9:00 AM // Make second cup of tea.

10:00 AM // Morning snack. Or sometimes second breakfast.

12:30 PM // Lunch hour. Read at desk. Nuke some sort of frozen/shelf stable prepared food that tastes like cardboard.

3:00 PM // Afternoon snack.

4:55 PM // Walk to shuttle bus.

5:35-5:45* PM // Arrive home, assuming no delays (like snow, construction, accidents, etc.). Ex delivers son in this same time frame, so big hugs for my little man.

5:50 PM // Dinner prep. Usually involves nuking frozen meals or reheating pasta cooked on the weekend.

6:00 PM // Dinner.

6:30 PM // Change poopy diaper, turn on heat in son's bedroom.

6:35 PM // Play, watch Elmo videos and/or Wheel of Fortune.

7:30 PM // Jeopardy!

7:40 PM // Upstairs to brush teeth and get ready for bed (jammies, books, nursing).

8:05-8:15* PM // Son in bed.

8:15-8:20* PM // Get in shower.

8:45 PM // Insert electric blanket into bed and turn on. Ninja into son's room to check temperature.

8:50 PM // Laundry, dishes, lunch prep, pick up toys, etc.

9:05-9:25* PM // Sit down on couch, play bejeweled blitz on laptop.

9:30-9:40* PM // Head upstairs to get ready for bed. Ninja into son's room to check temperature one last time.

9:40-9:50* PM // Climb into bed, vowing to get to bed earlier tomorrow. Fall asleep 30 seconds later.

*Range of time during which said activity may take place.

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