Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Transformation

The transformation continues...

Not only am I living in her house, but I am finding myself filling my grandmother's shoes in a variety of ways. When cleaning out her bedroom, I found a shirt that I actually like and wear frequently. Since she only had a washing machine in the house, I now hang my wet laundry on the clotheslines out back or in the basement. And to top it off, this summer I was forced into getting her old push mower out of retirement. Our lawn was never getting mowed in a timely fashion because of the late hours my fiance works. Since I can't start our gas-powered, self-propelled, mulching mower, out came the electric push mower. I never realized how big the yard was until now.

I won't be wearing that bright pink lipstick or the floral house dresses anytime soon though. I promise.

1 comment:

jo(e) said...

You never know ... those floral house dresss always looked comfortable to me. (I had an relative who wore them.) If I didn't have teenagers who would mock me, I might consider wearing one.