Thursday, August 10, 2006

The New House

The “new” house progresses, but there will always be more to do. We did some extensive tree and vine removal. Before and After. There are still a handful of trees that I want to take down. The aluminum siding needs to be pressure washed to remove the filth left by the vines. The new roof has been completed, and none of the plywood needed to be replaced. Uncle D and his brother will be assessing the rotting trim and siding of the solar panels this afternoon. Once the exterior is in shape, then we can start considering the interior…

Hopefully, by then we’ll have a closing date.

Working with a limited budget will require some prioritization. The bathroom comes first in my mind. I don’t think the shower is negotiable. I can live with most of the other problems and work on them over time. But I can’t compromise on the shower and make this be the third consecutive house I’ve lived in where the tiles are falling off the walls during your shower.

In my dreams I see the "family room" finished, the half bath put in, and one of the woodstoves hooked up. That would certainly help with the electric bills come wintertime. I could put my desk down there because I like to be roasty-toasty. And bookcases...

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