Wednesday, August 16, 2006

About what a dork I am

So I am starting to get nervous about taking a class. It's been 8 years since I was last in college. And this is a graduate level class.

What if I can't remember how to use my brain?
What if I've forgotten how to study? (Although, quite frankly, I don't recall having studied all that much as an undergrad. The library was somewhere to go to flirt with guys. Perhaps I shouldn't worry about forgetting a skill I may never have possessed in the first place.)
What if I am the oldest person in the room?
What if I am so tired from working all day/week that I fall asleep in class?
What if I take this class, like it, do well, then bomb the GREs, and don't even get in to grad school?

Darn remitted tuition, look what you've reduced me to! (Just kidding, I like free things.)


BerryBird said...

Hmmm.... this doesn't even begin to cover the range of your dorkiness. You may have to return to this rich topic at a later date.

But seriously, don't worry about the class too much yet. You're getting a little ahead of yourself. And many of us happen to agree that graduate courses are easier than undergraduate ones. Make sense? No, but there you have it.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Well, yes, for the most part, I agree that graduate courses have been mostly easier than undergraduate course--and also, in my case, mostly more fun!

And I hope that since I returned in my 50s and did OK, you'll do OK now! LOL!

(It was a lot of work, though!)