Thursday, November 15, 2007

freeze yur buns

I've now seen this "freeze yur buns" campaign on two blogs I read regularly. So I'm jumping on the bandwagon to talk about what I do and what I could do better.

I have two thermostats in my house. The one that controls the temperature for the family room is set at 60 all the time. The second thermostat controls the heat for the livingroom and diningroom. That one I adjust based on my presence in the house. I keep it at 60 degrees when I'm not home, which these days is often up to 12 hours a day. When I am home I push it up to 65. Unfortunately, the thermostat is unreliable and often heats only to 63 or 64.

I turn the heat on in the bathroom only while I shower in the mornings. On cold nights I also turn the heat on in my bedroom to the lowest setting (not temperature driven). I occasionally turn the heat on in my computer room, but more often I just decided to go watch TV instead.

On sunny days I have the added bonus of the hot air pumped down from the solar panels. They can really make a difference on clear days, but in this neck of the woods those can be in short supply come wintertime. I find the sound of the solar running to be such a comfort.

I use flannel sheets and keep a mid-range goose down comforter on the bed year-round. I need to add another blanket or two so I can turn down the heat at night or not turn it on in my bedroom at all. I wear layers of clothes and keep several blankets on the couch. I have a microwavable rice bag scented with lavender. I have block-out curtains in the livingroom that are designed to reduce drafts. I need to do something about the seal on the back door where tons of cold air gets in. Last winter I piled a big couch pillow in front of it.

I could definitely lower the temps while I'm gone (58?) and while I'm in bed (62?). I will try. That's the best I can offer.


Coffeypot said...

I like the house cooler than most people, especially when I sleep. If the bedroom gets too warm, I tend to have nightmares – and sweats.

BerryBird said...

Hey, all right. Welcome to the party! I have a down comforter on the bed, too. Those things are so warm that I wake up sweating more nights than not. I am totally jealous of your multiple thermostats and independent heating of various rooms.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

When I lived in KB, I kept the thermostat at 53 for years. Only when various company came did I raise it up.

It's warmer than that here now, but I don't live alone and at least it's cooler than it used to be before I came.