Sunday, November 16, 2008

Knit Two

About a month and a half ago my advance copy of Knit Two by Kate Jacobs arrived. I was thrilled but cautious about when I would actually have the chance to crack it open. Well, during the last two days of my student teaching experience, I did just that. I wasn't teaching and I didn't have lessons to plan, so during my free periods I read.

Knit Two is a return to the gang from The Friday Night Knitting Club. Five years has passed and changes are underfoot. Not only is it a return to familiar characters, it is a return to a better story than the author's second novel. It was almost a relief to me to dig into this novel after my disappointment with her last (not that I didn't like Comfort Food, but my expectations may have been too high).

This is a light, easy read, so if you are into knitting and/or stories of friendship and women, this might be a book you want to check out. Read The Friday Night Knitting Club first though.


Stacy said...

I have been wondering about those books - whether they were any good or not. I will have to see if my library has Friday Night Knitting Club yet. I love knitting - but haven't had a project on the needles for a while - just started a scarf for a friend yesterday - am excited at how fast it is going for once! I am using the seed stitch - managed to get 1/4 of it done in one day - that is pretty good!

Nicole said...

I really miss reading. Perhaps as Pepper gets older I'll pick up books again. So glad you had a chance to take a breather.