Thursday, May 14, 2009


Now that school is over (both for me! and for the institution I work for), I've adopted a flex schedule of four tens. I work Monday through Thursday and have Fridays off. I'm tired all the time and have no time to accomplish anything in the evenings, but I love having a long weekend every week. I really think Americans spend too much time working. We're missing out on life by spending our days parked behind a desk. I also save money on gas because I don't have to drive into the city on Fridays. That's about 30 miles round trip. I wish we could flex all year long. I am surprised at the number of people in my office that have no interest in flex time. Some of them live much closer to the office, so perhaps commute time and gas money have less of an impact on their decisions. Tomorrow on my flex day I plan to mow the lawn and maybe make a trip to Second Home Nature Center. Much better than working!


Momma Val said...

Isn't it weird??? I too have worked with people that were so set in their ways. Some women I worked with just could not imagine what to do with their time alone for an entire day? That is a very sad and strange thing to me!!!!! I say PARTY, RELAX, NAP, CLIP TOENAILS, EAT ICE CREAM, GO SHOPPING, ANYTHING!!! I love to be alone :) ENJOY!!!

Jennifer said...

My brother has tried hard to be able to do this, but because he's in a supervisory position and deals with vedors and contractors he's never been allowed to. But he'd love to.

Stacy said...

A flex schedule would be so nice! Not sure if my employer would go for it though - they're very traditional.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

YAY flex, woohoo.

I used to love that about where I worked--it was very flexible.

And I can ALWAYS entertain myself--WHee!

i AM SUPER BEHIND ON EMAIL AND COMMENTING oops, sorry! because of all the time at Rolandale, and can't do it now--have to dash off to the store--BUT PB took the store backpack to school, so I have to go empty his old school one to walk to the store--the squirrels ate the new very expensive one when he left it out at a friends house--full of FOOD. Speaking of wasted money--that backpack was $95!!! He agreed to use it for all of high school when we got it.

Anyway, hope you had fun and a good weekend!

Electronic Goose said...

That is so cool!! I work a four-day work week and LOVE it, despite not being able to afford it much longer, lol. You could try what my dad does--9 hours a day so he can do every other week as a four-day week. I didn't start a flex schedule until Bean was born, but now I wish I had started one earlier. (Caring for a baby all day isn't having a day off!)