Friday, May 28, 2010

The Return of Ice Cream Season

We've had some very summer-like weather recently. Hot temperatures always inspire me to want ice cream. I favor a cinnamon bun flavored creation, but will eat a wide variety of flavors of B&J's, whereas my boyfriend only eats some weird half-baked thing (chocolate ice cream! the horror!). His flavor must be the most popular because it is rarely in stock. After pawing through the freezer case, I heaved a big sigh and turned to stomp off. An employee that was stocking nearby heard me and politely inquired if I was finding everything OK. Um, no, as a matter of fact, I wasn't. So off to the stockroom he went to return triumphantly with my ice cream in hand.

So a few days later when I happened to be back at the same store, and yet again found myself pawing hopelessly for the half-baked nonsense, I knew that it might be possible to find some in the back. There was no helpful stocker lad this time though, so I went up to the front near the cashiers and solicited assistance from a manager type. A few minutes later he directed me back to frozen foods where the same stocker lad held several pints for me. Not embarrassing at all. I tried to explain that the ice cream wasn't for me, but he wasn't fooled, taking note as I scooped up a pint of cinnamon buns too.

Next time my boyfriend will be doing the ice cream shopping!


Smellyann said...


Trevor L. King said...

haha this is funny.

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Edd said...

very funny.............

Annah said...

That would so be me. I can't resist, and neither can my dogs. THEY LOVE ICE CREAM

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! What a riot!


Tee hee.

I really miss having icecreeam. I broke my diet once on vacation to have raspberry sorbet. Not quite aas good as some chunky interesting B&Js, but better than nothing.