Wednesday, February 09, 2011

On the Home Front

This past November we put our house on the market. As it turned out there was virtually no interest in the house. It was priced too high, the yard has too many trees, and not having a furnace tends to scare away potential buyers. Winter hit hard and early and people just don't want to house hunt in the snow. We lowered the price once, but then decided to take it off the market, unwilling to lower it any more.

I'm not keen on cutting down the trees, nor can we install a furnace, but we can continue to make minor updates to the house. It might improve the marketability of the house or maybe we'll make it into somewhere we want to stay (although it is a bit smaller than we would prefer). Since de-listing the house, we installed a utility sink in the basement, hung some insulation, and replaced all the hardware on the kitchen cabinetry. Obviously I am using the term "we" loosely. It is super helpful when doing home improvement projects if your other half is capable of doing pretty much everything himself.

Next on the list is a slightly larger project- replacing all of the interior doors. The original dark brown doors are pretty beat and look rather dated. Eventually we want to replace them all with white 6 panel doors to match the ones I had installed on the family room level when I had it finished 4 years ago. Also on the to-do list is a new light fixture for the dining room and doing something about the flooring in the master bedroom. Our real estate agent described the carpet in there as "interesting."

The list of things we could do goes on and on, but that's just part of home ownership.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

So sorry the house didn't sell! :-(

Does this mean your plans to move have been canceled?

Smellyann said...

You lost me at "too many trees"...??!?!??!!?!?

a/k/a Nadine said...

That is correct, Mary. At this point the move has been canceled (or at the very least, postponed).

Mel, the feed back we received on the lot is that there are way too many trees. Apparently the type of people that typically buy in neighborhoods like mine prefer treeless lots of perfectly manicured lawn. Stupid people, but that's just my humble opinion.