Saturday, July 12, 2014

Seen it, did it: Two Ingredient pancakes

Some months ago I saw Joanna's post about two ingredient pancakes on A Cup of Jo. I've been wanting to try making them ever since. I'm currently taking a break from my green smoothies, so I have some aging bananas hanging around the house. Clearly, it was a good time to give them a whirl.

They are super easy, which appeals to my well-developed laziness. You mash up a banana and mix it with an egg.

Then pour pancake sized blobs into a frying pan and cook until light brown. I added too much butter to the frying pan. Normal pancakes suck up the extra butter; these do not. Flipping them is also tricky, as they do not hold together as well as regular pancakes.

Verdict: NO. These did not taste like pancakes AT ALL. Not surprisingly, they tasted like eggs with bananas mixed in, which tastes as gross as it sounds. I will NOT be making these again.


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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I might like them, except I'm not allowed to have bananas because of their high sugar content. Butt hey sound yum to me. Of course, I'm very hungry!