Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Check In: 26 Weeks

When people I've haven't seen recently ask me how I'm doing, my standard response is "better."

And while I'm still not enjoying this pregnancy at all, I am absolutely feeling better than I was. The nausea has faded almost entirely, although I must still take care to eat snacks on a regular basis. I am also able to eat a wider variety of food than I was before, including vegetables (thank goodness!).

My extreme sensitivity to smells has also faded to a more tolerable level, which is another welcome development. I also have slightly more energy, which is good because I've taken on a part-time retail position for the holidays. Compression socks are my friends.

I feel enormous. Laughable, I know, considering I have another 3 months to grow even BIGGER. When I over-eat I feel incredibly uncomfortable, like my belly is about to burst. This is harder to avoid than you would think. The last few days my back has been complaining mightily as well.

The best development since I posted my last update is being able to feel the baby move. Every time is exciting and reassuring. It's pretty cool.

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