Tuesday, December 09, 2014

NYC Weekend

On Friday morning after a relaxed and indulgent Thanksgiving we woke early, loaded the bags and dog in the car and set out in the midst of a lake effect blizzard. It took us 45 minutes to drop her at the boarder and get on the Thruway, but fortunately my husband had planned for more than enough time. As it was, we still had tons of time to kill waiting for the train in Albany. Neither of us had ridden the train before, and while it was an interesting experience, we both felt satisfied that we've checked it off some invisible list and will never need to do it again. It is just not an ideal way to travel for people that are prone to motion sickness and independence.

Our hotel was between Rockefeller Center and Times Square, a charming place with lots of character and tiny rooms. We ate at Virgil's because my husband is convinced they have the best barbecue on the planet (if I never ate bbq again I would not be sad), got pizza in Little Italy, cupcakes from Magnolia's, and various other NYC style food. We walked around Times Square (which I HATE) and Rockefeller Center. We went to the Today Show and were on TV at 7:30am on Saturday morning if anyone was watching (we didn't think to record it). We walked the High Line, visited the 9/11 Museum, and went to the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.

I walked more than I've walked in months, and we both were exhausted for days after getting home. I also aggravated my tailbone during the hour and a half show at Radio City, so that's not awesome. Something about the angle of the seats caused excruciating pain almost from the second I sat down, and it shows no sign of getting better.

My favorite part was by far the High Line. You should check it out.

The snow was ALL gone by the time we got home two days later.

View from the train.

I much preferred the vanilla. It was right up there with some of the best frosting of all time. And I am a frosting connoisseur.

Saks Fifth Ave

High Line

High Line

view from the High Line

High Line

9/11 Memorial

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

If we could go back in time and I could take you on a tour of MY New York City, it would be very different than this. Sorry about yr tailbone hope it recovers soon!!!