Monday, January 09, 2017


After the hustle and bustle of the last several holiday weekends, we needed a commitment free weekend to just chill. Although I would've preferred the temperatures weren't so chilly, or frankly, so painfully cold. Extreme cold always does a number on my motivation.

On Saturday I subjected my son to an instant oil change. I hate going to those places because they're so over-priced, but I guess you have to pay for the convenience of not having to spend an hour or more trying to entertain your toddler in some gross, stinky waiting room with talk shows blaring out of the TV at you. I also dislike driving over the giant hole. It terrifies me. But we survived.

From there we went to Starbucks to get a green tea latte. Gift cards to Starbucks always make me happy. Most people would probably be surprised to hear that from a non-coffee drinker. There is an older lady barista at my Starbucks who routinely makes derogatory comments about my orders. I am torn between being entertained and being annoyed. Perhaps she finds my sunny personality and adorable son irritating too.

I bundled us up Saturday afternoon to play outside for a few minutes. I couldn't get my son's thumbs to stay in the thumb spot (uh, what's that called anyway?) in his super-duper warm mittens, which meant he couldn't pick things up. He was getting super frustrated so I switched him to his thin cotton mittens, which made him happy and me paranoid. He was still happily playing (well, ringing the doorbell repeatedly) when I decided it was time to go inside. Naturally he disagreed, but my fingers were frozen inside my big wind-proof snowmobiling mittens, so...

It was even colder on Sunday, so aside from our grocery store / bank run we hunkered down inside. I kept cranking the thermostat up, but it had almost no impact on the actual temperature inside the house. 62 just isn't warm enough for me. I couldn't convince myself to get out from underneath the blanket during naptime until I had about 10 minutes left. Then I brilliantly decided to start moving furniture around towards my goal of getting rid of several pieces (a matching set of two end tables and a coffee table). So now the house is trapped in the 'gets worse before it gets better' phase until next weekend when hopefully I feel super motivated during naptime. Ha.

Discovering the doorbell. Good times.
Joining Karen at Pumpkin Sunrise.

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karen said...

oh that photo of him :) adorable!! I think tiny hands have the same problem with thumbs staying in the thumb of a mitten. Maybe make a smaller size? Or maybe a tighter ribbing. I don't like to drive over the hole of an oil change either!