Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Baking Bread: Attempt Number One

I'm reading Sourdough by Robin Sloan and it makes me want to bake bread. But as I've mentioned many times before, I'm not exactly a natural in the kitchen. I found several recipes proclaiming to be easy! or simple! on Pinterest and decided to try one last night since Little Man is always down for some measuring and mixing.

As it turned out the recipe that printed was bare bones and didn't include some of the more useful info available on the website. I suspect the bread would have come out better had I had the full description. But alas, what I have now is an incredibly dense, chewy, almost doughy lump.

Things I might try if I do it again: warmer water for the yeast (it was warm coming out of the tap, but the glass bowl was cold, aka room temperature), more flour (?), warmer spot for the bread to rise (Grammy used to place her dough in front of the baseboard heat, but my heat wasn't running last night), and shaping it into a loaf before letting it rise (I just left it on the bowl. The printed recipe didn't mention forming the loaf shape first, or at all actually). Live and learn. And try again, I guess.


San said...

Bread dough can be tricky. And I suspect, after what you said, that you didn't let it "rise" enough... I have a similar recipe like the one you linked and I let it rise twice (and at least 1,5 hours, so the yeast can really work).

Unfortunately, with bread you have to practice, but when you get the basics down, it is pretty simple. ;) (Also, try baking it in a Dutch oven, if you want a crispier crust).

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I had missed this one!

so yeah, I always let my bread rise twice, sometimes three times, each time until it doubles (an hour to an hour and a half or MORE, depending on warmth in the house, Warm water for yeast (and a little sugar helps too.)

You can start it at night before bed and work it in the morning (like on the weekend, when you'll be home in the morning.)

Jaison says I can dry some of my sourdough and send it to you. Or you could write to him directly, he's somewhat of an exert. Or I could bring you some?