Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bullets of no time for anything but

  • Along with a partner, I am preparing to teach a 30 minute lesson on habitats to elementary school students. Said partner and I met at the library this morning to hash out the initial details. I insisted on meeting at the library at Small Green School because the Hometown University library intimidates me. I wish I could go there more regularly to get work done as I have difficulty focusing when I'm at home (TV to watch! food to eat! blogs to read!), but I don't condone driving an hour round trip unless it's absolutely necessary.
  • After our meeting, I went to my office and worked for three hours. Between that and the meeting at the library, I felt better about the drive. I also got free lunch since there was office pizza to munch on.
  • I met my host teacher on Thursday morning. There will be no more details forthcoming.
  • Other than the fact that I will have the opportunity to teach in the second half of the unit on plants and the first half of the unit on animals. Plants! Yay!
  • I will be writing my first ever lesson plan soon. To be included in my first ever unit plan.
  • In fact, I should be working on that right now instead of blogging.
  • I put lotion on my hands every night before bed and yet they are painfully dry.
  • My hair has been getting so full of static that it's driving me to the point of distraction. I mean full-fledged freak-out status. I have long, straight, super-fine hair. I don't blow dry or style it. Does anyone have any suggestions to curb the static? (Preferably before I shave my head?)
  • That's all. Time to go eat some soup for dinner. Hopefully that will warm me up. Brrrrrh.


DancingFish said...

Good luck on your lesson plan- sounds exciting to be meeting with your host teacher!
I am also dry and static-y. All I can suggest is Eucerin and pony-tails...

Jenny F. Scientist said...

The frizz, I also struggle with (I have thick, short, static-y blonde hair). I use the Garnier "leave-in conditioning cream" in a green squeeze bottle and also a spray leave-in conditioner for when I don't feel like putting gook in the hair, or want a quick de-frizz on the way out the door. Alas, Neutrogena no longer makes theirs, but Aussie has one. Sometimes they're marketed as 'detangle' sprays; it's the silicone that does the de-frizzing so look for dimethicone or any other -methicone, or siloxanes. As far as I can tell, cheap works just as well as pricey. Maybe it'll help.

Also, plants!!! Yay!!!

BerryBird said...

Free lunch is always good.

a/k/a Nadine said...

I actually got two free lunches out of the office pizza. I got to take a couple slices home.

I bought an Aussie spray leave-in conditioner tonight. Thanks for the suggestion Jenny F. I'll be the dork carrying the purple bottle with me everywhere I go. ;-)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I've got some spray-on conditioner too, it works well.

But it stinks.

Good luck on the lesson plan, glad you got free lunch.(es)

Smellyann said...