Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tree be gone

When I got home from work this evening and found yet another spot of cat vomit filled with Christmas tree needles, I decided it was time for the tree to go. I'd been planning on taking it down this weekend (truthfully, I meant to take it down last weekend but apparently laziness overpowered me), but I couldn't face more throw up on the carpet. Why is it that the cats never vomit on the linoleum or tile?

I hadn't realized how dry the tree had gotten. Frankly, I'm surprised it didn't catch fire. There was plenty of water in the stand but the tree was light as a feather and completely dry. Now I'm doubly glad I didn't wait another day.

Normally I am sad to see my tree go, but tonight I was just desperate for it to no longer be in my house. Maybe that should be my new tactic- leave it up just a little too long and my motivation will eventually kick into high gear.

It will be strange not to have to check first thing every morning to see whether the cats knocked the tree over during their nightly rampages.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I miss the wonderful smell of a real tree from back in the fark ages when I used to have one. But I like keeping the tree up--and ours is still up--it's so bright and cheery. No cas to eat the nonexistent needles either.

Unknown said...

I was ready to take our tree down. We had to rearrange our furniture a little for the tree and I was glad to have things back in place. And little did we know, I took it down Saturday and Tuesday was tree pick up in town. So glad I had already done it!