Sunday, June 29, 2008

My parents have green thumbs

These are only a fraction of the many flowering plants in my parents' yard. Every year they plant hundreds of impatiens, in addition to the multitude of perennials. I always admire their gardens but don't like to think about all the weeding they must require. I lucked out the other day when I was over there and found tons of perfectly ripe wild strawberries, including handfuls of blond ones. One more thing to add to the list of "things I want to plant in my yard."

Some of my hostas are in bud and my coral bells are always flowering. One of the geraniums that survived the winter in dormancy in the garage has sent up its first flower of the summer. My lovely farmer's market lilies from last summer are just about to pop. I need to get more of those too; they are so neat and compact, with gorgeous flowers.

FF was prodded into removing the blade from the lawn mower to take to work and sharpen. Hopefully, he can get to it tomorrow because my grass is starting to look a tad shaggy. The blade was so dull that it was pushing the grass over instead of cutting it. Must be all the stumps I've caught with it over the years. Maybe mowing will go faster with it sharpened? One can always hope...
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Stacy said...

My great grandmother is the one with the green thumb - her garden is massive and sprawls over her 5+ acres of land. I loved walking around her yard growing up - and still do - exploring the multitude of plants she has. Many of her plants are inspiration for mine and some are starts right from her garden. I never really considered myself having a green thumb - I have killed my share of plants - but as I get more and more into garden I find that it works - they grow and every night if I am bored or stressed I have some weeds somewhere to annihilate. :)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Nice fleurs!

Very pretty!

Gardening well takes a lot of time--but is rewarding.