Monday, September 08, 2008

Bath and Body

I had a few inches cut off my hair, so I've been trying to skip the conditioner in the shower. I actually don't have any right now, and I'd been hoping to not buy more. I don't care for my shampoo at all though. My hair feels icky even right after a washing. I've been using the spray-in conditioner I bought last winter to help with static, but my hair still feels icky. I doubt it's the lack of conditioner, but I can't bring myself to not use all of this wretched shampoo. Maybe putting conditioner over top it would help?

I've switched to bar soap in the shower and at both the kitchen sink and bathroom sink. I feel like I'm going through bars of soap at an alarming rate though. I think I'll inform my family that homemade soap would make a fine stocking stuffer. Lots of it.

I also ran out of my full-of-Aluminum antiperspirant of late. I'd been thinking of trying the crystal after student teaching was over, so for now I picked up some deodorant from the organic section of the grocery store. No Aluminum or Other Bad Things. Also no sweat-stoppage. Fortunately, I'm not a terribly sweaty or smelly person. I figure if I made it through the 92 degree heat and high humidity on Friday and the hour of walking to and from class on Wednesday without any stink, I'm good-to-go.


Momma Val said...

You are very lucky. I am a very sweaty, stinky, oily person. I still use the Mitchum roll-on. Oddly enough, when I entered it on the cosmetic database it was less toxic than Tom's and many other popular "natural" deodorants out there. I was just watching a commercial for a special on the news. It was all about how so many people buy natural products but the products really aren't that much better/safer. Wonder if I already missed it? Good luck with the stone. I'd probably have to rub it all over me and then duct tape one in each pit . . . . HA!

BerryBird said...

I don't feel super stinky, but whenever I try switching away from antiperspirants, the constant moisture and stickiness irks me. Maybe I just have to stick with it a longer and then I wouldn't notice so much?

Smellyann said...

Girl, you are putting me to shame. I can not, NOT, manage my hair without conditioner. And I am of the sweaty, stinky variety, so I NEEDS my Secret deo.

Are you going to stop shaving your pits and legs, too? Heeee!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I've been on this allergy-testing diet/regime and have had to go more than 2 weeks now with NO DEODORANT and I thought I'd smell terrible, but actually, I don't. Of course, I do shower every day. But no soap or shampoo or conditioner or toothpaste--I feel a little icky and sometimes a bad taste , but overall, it hasn't been as bad as I thought and think of all the money I'm saving, LOL!

I gotta look up that link for that place to check out different products again, as soon I will be adding stuff back in.

Momma Val said...

Hey Mary Stebbins Tait,
the link to that site I think you are talking about is:
or maybe not? You can look up toxicity of cosmetics, soaps, & such. Good luck!