Monday, September 22, 2008

It's only 5 years old.

Student: Is this really you? [Like several others, this student has expressed repeated interest in my college ID which I wear around my neck*.]

Me: It is. [Why else would I be wearing it, you little fool?]

Student: Then you need to fix your hair and get some glasses**. [Score: student 1, teacher 0.]

* Not my idea. The school requires it.
** I was broke at the time the photo was taken and couldn't afford contacts.


Momma Val said...


Coffeypot said...

And you left him standing?

Beth said...

I hate my company badge photo. I've considered losing it for a new photo — but is vanity worth $25?

Coffeypot said...

Beth, since you only show the back of your head, how does security know its you when you change your hair style?

Momma Val said...

I have the best idea. Find a decent picture of you where your head is the right size for the id and just tape it on there with some heavy duty clear mailing tape (that can easily be removed if someone makes a stink). Hmmm?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! What a riot.

Yeah tape one on that looks like you, heee hee (security might not like that, though!)