Friday, May 14, 2010

Stop the eating!

Another side effect of perpetual boredom is weight gain. For lack of anything else to do, I snack ALL day long. For example, I had just polished off a pair of Reese's peanut butter cups courtesy of the evil vending machine, when a co-worker came into my office and poured a big handful of m&m's on my desk. Now this wouldn't perhaps be the worst thing in the world if it wasn't an every day occurrence (well, some version of the story anyway).

Also contributing to the weight gain is the fact that I'm in a relationship now. I always tend to eat more when I'm sharing meals with another person. I eat much less when I eat alone (two rice cakes for dinner, anyone?). Now there are actual meals, eating out, and homemade bread to contend with, not to mention the fact that I keep making cookies.

In the December-January crunch of our busy season at work there is no time for snacking. I was also single at that point, and got down to the thinnest I've been in decades. I even had to buy two new pairs of jeans (size 4!) because most of my others were just way too loose. Sadly enough, they were a short-lived distraction, and now it's back to the "fat jeans" for me.

And exercise? Who has the time or energy for that? Obviously something's gotta give; this is not a good pattern to follow.


Amina said...

Hello Nadine!
I just stumbled on your blog :D (I think we both like Jane Austen). Anyways, I had to say you should see me! I graduated last year but still haven't managed to get a real job, so basically, I'm just staying at home most of the day (I do busy myself with 'projects' as much as I can, though). But anyways, since not going to university, I have really become very familiar with the kitchen...

I go there all the time now...

So bad!

The good news though is that my mother is a 'we must exercise' type of person, so every morning I walk for about half an hour, at least. ;)

Anyways, just wanted to say 'hello' (cause I liked your blog) and hope you have a good weekend :D


Smellyann said...

Size 4! I hate you. What are the 'fat jeans,' a 6? all the way up to 8? hehehe :D

a/k/a Nadine said...

Mel, they're mostly 10's and some 8's, which I know doesn't sound all that bad. But to go from a 4 to a 10 in just a few months is a bit of a drag. Sigh.

K said...

You must be in love. Thats what my mother always told me whenever I gained weight in a relationship.
I am in a relationship now also and its true, we eat out at fancy restaurants and cook fabulous meals together at home then watch a movie and eat a snack before going to bed. I would rather be a size 4 (which is tiny anyways) be in love and happy, than a size 1 miserable!!! Any day!!!
Loved your blog.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

No, it is a very BAD pattern and can really ruin your life. AK!!!

Wish I had some good advice to offer!

Or a more exciting job.

Keep the relationship, though.