Saturday, October 05, 2013

Saturday Afternoon Walk

I was hoping for a lovely, crisp, fall-like afternoon for my walk today at Second Home Nature Center, but that was not to be. It was muggy and grey with occasional sprinkles, but it was still well-worth being outside. The lighting was not ideal for photography, but I still managed to snap a few interesting shots with my phone.

The dead crow was startling, not something you see on a regular basis. (This is not staged at all. The sugar maple leaf was there when I arrived on the scene.)

The boardwalk was SLICK. I must admit I walked more gingerly than normal after the last time I slipped on wet wood.

I just love the redness of the red maples.

This giant beetle kept trying to scurry away from me as I was trying to take its picture. Must be shy. (Finger for size reference only. I was not molesting it in any way.)

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Or compare today's photos with ones taken in July in similar spots along the trail here.

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