Thursday, June 05, 2014

What I hear

Birds chirping in the predawn light.

The whirring of the fan in the window. (The best sleep aide ever.)

Dog claws clacking on the kitchen floor.

The water heating up in my husband's Keurig.

The ding of the timer letting me know my tea has steeped long enough.

The thwack of tennis balls (and corresponding grunts) from Roland Garros on TV.

The squeak and squeal of the elliptical as it spins beneath me.

The aggravatingly loud dark blue mini-van in desperate need of an exhaust system upgrade (as it has been for YEARS) rounding the curve and approaching the stop sign in front of our house.

The bubble sound notifying me that I have a text from my husband.

As seen on the miss-Elaine-ous life.

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Tinnatus in my ears.
the faint sound of the air conditioner blowing.
My fingers clacking the keys.
Tiny random sounds from the basement where my husband is doing laundry.
An amazing amount of silence.
A single car passing quietly on the street.

What I do not hear: Graham Kristina and Athina arriving to make tacos for us all.