Monday, September 26, 2016


Weekends are for relaxing and soaking up every second of togetherness with my son. I miss him so much when I'm at work and he's at daycare. I know he has fun playing with his friends, but it's such a long time to be separated from each other every day. Plus our time together during the week is harried: rushing to get meals, to get dressed, to get out the door, to get into bed. Come Saturday, I just want to relax and BE with my little man.

This weekend had its ups and downs, as he's got a cold and I'm fighting one (you don't have to share everything, buddy). When he's not feeling well he swings quickly from glee to despair and was particularly sad both afternoons after his nap.

On Saturday we went grocery shopping and played in the yard. Nothing exciting, but maybe that's what we both needed.

On Sunday morning we went for a lovely hike with my sister and her son. It was pretty chilly when we first hit the trail, but the boys like to play by the river so the temps had a chance to rise quite a bit by the time we headed back to the cars. I carried the Kelty pack, but my little guy did so well I never even put him in it. When he wanted up I would carry him on my hip for a few minutes and then set him back down to walk some more. The hike itself wasn't that long, but I love seeing him cover so much ground on his own.

While he napped Sunday afternoon I hastily whipped together a batch of banana bread. I love baking, but it is simply too time consuming for me these days. I fear I may have made a slight error because of my rushing, but since I'm the only one eating the bread anyway, perfection is unnecessary.

Cold apple cider in a handmade ceramic mug - the only way to drink it!
Already looking forward to next weekend!

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karen said...

love your mug!! Your weekend sounds deliciously lovely and wonderful! We try to take daily walks weather permitting and I'm enjoying watching the seasons change.

a/k/a Nadine said...

The mug was handmade by my aunt. It's lovely having talented and creative folks in your family! :-)