Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lunchtime Reads

There was measurable snow on my car this morning, so my days of sitting outside to read on lunch may well be over for the season. I wish I had had time to snap a few pictures because it was lovely. The first snow on leaves and phragmites is always so visually appealing, but as usual we were running late and there was no time for even cell phone photography. My little man slept poorly and had some boogers this morning, which means we could both be in for some long, sleepless nights if he is coming down with something. Oh, the joys of daycare.

When I don't go outside for lunch I stay at my desk to eat and read, which means I don't get a break from the office or a change in scenery. I also get interrupted at least once, usually more, to do work-related things since I am so visible. I need to come up with an alternative location so I can escape and have a real lunch break at least occasionally (there is no break room).

I started a new book today, part of a trilogy on loan from my sister. My initial impressions are not exactly positive. While interesting, it is very dark and dreary, and even a little confusing. Honestly, if it were a library book I might be returning it after one reading session. But since it came on recommendation of my sister I will hold out hope for improvement.

Are you reading anything good these days?


Sara said...

You definitely need to find an alternate spot to read at lunchtime! Even if you just go to a lounge on another floor, at least you won't be called upon to do work tasks. Better yet would be a nearby building, isn't there one you can get to without even going outside. Disappearing in the stacks at the library is always good, too, I used to go to the smaller one closest to you for that purpose sometimes.

I did mention the book is post-apocalyptic, yes? This genre often involves some dreariness.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

ha ha, Sara stole my first sentence. You definitely need a new spot to read. Sara's got good ideas and good points.

Some of the post apocalyptics have a LOT of dreariness. But they can still be very good--at least to some of us.

I hope you find something you enjoy. And somewhere to enjoy it.

a/k/a Nadine said...

OK, OK, people. I will try harder to find somewhere to read during my lunch other than my workstation. So pushy! ;-)