Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day is Stupid

Let me tell you, that donut was just an excuse to eat four pounds of frosting. And I enjoyed every morsel. These goodies were courtesy of two fine ladies I work for.

I was managing to maintain a suitable level of indifference about this stupid "holiday" until daycare got on my very last nerve. Yesterday at 1:56 PM they sent a note with the names of the 12 kids in my son's class so we could bring Valentine's for the exchange today. This was the first mention of any such activity and no more detail was provided. So obviously, my poor child showed up empty handed today because I can ONLY shop on the weekends. There is ABSOLUTELY no way around this fact. So I appear to have failed my child when in fact it is daycare that dropped the ball. Thanks for making me look (and feel) like a bad parent, assholes.

And a very Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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