Monday, November 20, 2017

Bog in November

The weather Sunday morning didn't look particularly inviting, but it was our only opportunity to get outside. It had been too many weeks since we'd last been on trail, so I bundled us up and off we went. The falling snow was very wet and the wind was whipping, but the temps were in the low 30s so it didn't feel super cold. I put my son in snow pants, coat, hat, and mittens, but I figured his feet would be fine in his regular hiking boots. I dressed myself similarly but with rain pants instead. However I failed to account for the boardwalk being underwater in one spot, which clearly called for some puddle jumping and resulted in wet socks. We completed our regular route, including some rock throwing, before heading home to dry off. Time to try on some winter boots from the collection of hand-me-downs. (Hand-me-downs are the best.)


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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I (sort of) wish I could have joined you!

Mud is the best. Warm here today (well, warmer! 44 degrees and some small amount of sun.)