Monday, November 06, 2006

Keeping up with the Joneses

In a ploy to appear as if we care, my fiance and I did some hasty raking last night at sunset. We created huge mounds of leaves along the road on both sides of the driveway. Of course, we didn't even make a dent in what has to be done. But the point was to show the neighbors that we are at least putting some effort into it. Ha. I asked him to remember when we do any planting in the future, we should stick to evergreens.

We weren't able to work on the yard earlier (oh darn) because we had tickets to the basketball game. It was only the second exhibition game of the season and barely drew a crowd. It was a snoozer to watch because they whomped the opposition so thoroughly, but I do love the excitement of a live game. I don't think I've heard the arena that quiet since the day I watched my high school football team play there over 12 years ago.

I'm not really a big sports person, so don't worry about having to wade through a lot of sports-related posts. I do like "our" basketball team, but besides that I pretty much limit my sports watching to Grand Slam tennis and le Tour de France. I am fanatical about le Tour, actually. Consider yourself warned.


Beth said...

I love the "we care" ploy! One of the reasons I'm a townhouse, not home, person. My weekends are for brunching and playing, not raking and planting.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

hmm, something to be said for townhouses or condos! I'm getting tired of yardwork in my old age. I actually liked it for a while when I was younger. Hard to tell now, I know.