Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Melted Butter

I know you're all probably sick of the home-improvement themed posts already, but we still have a long road in front of us. Let's just say, Home Depot is really loving me and my Discover Card at the moment. The cashier tonight even recognized me because I've been in there so often. Ugh.

I took the afternoon off from work to capitalize on daylight hours for painting. I did the first coat in the master bedroom. Two windows and two doors really slow things down. My fiance's comment when he stopped by after work, "It's more yellow than I thought it would be." Uh, dude, it's called melted butter.

I dropped by D&D's house to leave the biggest check I have ever written for Uncle D for the bathroom. This Saturday, we need to buy the tiles for the floor. Hopefully we can find some good closeouts where he's sending us. And hopefully, they take Discover.

It's 8pm, my fiance still isn't home, and we still haven't had supper. Is it bedtime yet?


BerryBird said...

Are the windows/doors slowing you down because of the taping? It sounds like a lot of progress, especially if you think of it this way: you are one coat away from being done with the master bedroom. Well, except for the trim. We still haven't gotten around to painting trim yet six months later.

Mark is funny.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Sounds like you're making progress to me. Good work. I'll have to check out the melted butter.