Monday, December 18, 2006

Progress Report

If you are wondering why you are being blessed with another post from me on the same day, it is because my computer at home is being evil. Best take advantage of one's lunch hour, eh?

  • I finished the trim in the masterbedroom.
  • My sister, my fiance, and I pulled the old carpet out of the livingroom.
  • I finished painting the walls in the kitchen (mostly).
  • I did the second coat on the ceiling in the livingroom and hall but haven't tackled the mysterious sand business yet.
  • I painted the walls in the livingroom.
  • Between my stepmom and me, we've almost finished the first coat on the trim in the livingroom.
  • my fiance has laid the carpet pad in both of the small bedrooms.

  • Did I forget anything?

    Plan for tonight: more trim and possibly painting the hall (that would involve buying more paint).

    I have Wednesday off, and the carpet will be installed on Thursday. I'm not panicking yet, I promise.


    Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

    WOW! Lots of progress. Lots of work.

    Anonymous said...

    What about the bathroom? You didn't mention that...