Thursday, July 12, 2007

Grass Seed

I finally got rid of the big pile of wood that has been in my front yard for almost a year, since the great chain sawing event of last August. Actually, to be more precise FF got some of his young co-workers to take the wood for what sounds like a hell of a bonfire.

I immediately sprinkled the last of the grass seed laying around the garage and began watering like a madwoman. I soaked the spot at least twice a day, watching the little seeds bounce around like little Mexican jumping beans.

Then last night when I got home from work, after a day of rain and the arrival of cooler temperatures, I looked out the window and saw pale green spiking up from the dirt. In less than twenty-four hours the seeds had gone from bouncing around the surface to rooted and a couple inches tall. I felt like if I stood there long enough I'd be able to see the grass growing.

I need to put some more seed down to thicken the grass, but this is already so much better than a pile of old wood or bare earth. One step at a time...

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Unknown said...

Yay! Mr. LS put down some new grass seed in part of our lawn that was patchy. Unfortunately it's a different kind of grass, but I kind of like it better. Maybe we'll redo the whole yard next summer. It's so much more lush...

Anyway! Yay!