Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bullets of Procrastination

  • I spent all day yesterday on the couch watching TV. I still feel slightly stuffed up and very sniffley. I hope it doesn't develop into something much worse.
  • Obviously, I didn't do any schoolwork yesterday. That leaves today. Oy.
  • The sub-contractor my contractor lined up to do the exterior work has bailed on him, so he is here today trying to get the work done himself. He'd already moved on to another job in another town because he'd finished his end of the work. Or so he thought. Needless to say, the banging is a little distracting.
  • Even though it's mostly cloudy, the solar has been running occasionally, helping to bring the internal temperature up a few degrees from the rather chilly start of 61.
  • I took a break earlier and vacuumed the entire house. It's a little odd when vacuuming becomes a form of procrastination and not something that you procrastinate to avoid doing.
  • I've gotten it in my head that I may need reading glasses. I'm thinking a run to a store might be in order to try on some of those over-the-counter glasses. That doesn't sound like procrastination, does it?
  • Fine, I'll go back to reading that fascinating article on reform in undergraduate science classrooms.
  • Right after I eat some Nutella.


BerryBird said...

I feel snuffly and tired, too, but don't know what's going on. Is it cat allergies and exhaustion from the whole traveling/guest thing? Or more? I am drinking some nice lemon zinger tea now, maybe you should try that.

Marni said...

Vacuumed? Just because? OMG - I think I need to lay down. You are right, you ARE procrastinating...

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Gypsy Cold Care tea.

You're procrastination sounds so much like mine it's really scary. When I find myself doing housework to avoid doing something else, that's a SURE sign I'm procrastinating! AK.

The more important the thing I'm doing is, the more procrastinating I'm doing.

Food is always a good diversion. I mean we have to eat, right?

a/k/a Nadine said...

I'm loving the Throat Coat tea right now.