Saturday, March 22, 2008

Early Easter

My favorite grocery store makes these adorable little cupcakes shaped like little chicks with delicious fondant frosting. I've enjoyed them for the last couple years at Eastertime. I've been thinking about them all week but didn't get to the store until this evening. There were only two left, both chocolate. I don't care for chocolate cake, but I had my heart set on celebrating Easter with a little yellow chicky so I got one anyway. How tasty it was, but now I have nothing for tomorrow.

I turned down two invitations for Easter dinner, both of which involved out-of-town trips. It looks like another holiday spent alone, but I have lots of schoolwork to occupy my time.

Happy Easter to all who observe.


Momma Val said...

Happy Easter Nadine!

BerryBird said...

Happy Easter to you!

Smellyann said...

Happy Easter, my friend.

You are always welcome here! (We're not out of town, are we?)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...


We're leaving shortly for Easter Dinner at ML's.

Hope yr having a nice day.

I sewed patches on two pairs of pants.

We went for a walk, made cookies.

BB made breakfast.

Wish you could have easter with us.

Coffeypot said...

Sounds like a good time to chill. Just you and your chick-cake.