Sunday, April 06, 2008

Going to the dogs

Yesterday afternoon was the perfect April day. Sunny and mild, it demanded that you be outdoors. And I desperately needed to stretch my legs (and my soul).

After lunch FF suggested we take our dogs to the Good Dog Park. I've never taken Mr. Dog there, as he does not always exhibit good dog traits. He can be aggressive and loud, and tends to stick out his manhood with rather embarrassing frequency. I have always been tempted but not quite brave enough to try. But off we went, knowing that should it not work out there were miles of park to walk through.

Mr. Dog completely surprised me! He trotted around peeing on things and sniffing other dog's parts, but that is just part of the package. He behaved admirably and there were no problems at all. We would have stayed longer but the five pounder was terrified and shaking. FF ended up having to hold him most of the time. Mr. Dog and I will definitely be going back sans the dust mop.

We opted to walk a couple miles too, so everyone was happy. And it's another beautiful day today. I think I may do some yard work.


BerryBird said...

The weather this weekend is making me very, very happy. I spent hours outside yesterday, supervising kitty silliness, picking up sticks, working in the flower garden. And this morning I sat in the sun on my back porch and read, and SodaBoy has promised a hike later. Very happy indeed.

I am glad Mr. Dog surprised you with good behavior and you got a good walk in, too.

Electronic Goose said...

That sounds nice and relaxing.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Yay walking and yard work, speaking of which I need to get outside NOW!


Glad Mr. Dog was cooperative and hope he continues to be. YAY!