Friday, April 25, 2008

Itchy & Scratchy

The last two nights I've dreamed about getting another dog. Both of them were similar in appearance and size to the one I have now, although the one last night was female and still growing so she would've ended up bigger than Mr. Dog. My preference would be for one smaller, but I don't exercise a lot of control over my dreams.

FF and I both agreed that it was not a good idea to have him bring Dust Mop Dog to my house during the day now that he's back at work. Our reasons differed, but the end result was what I desired. Now I can do as I please after work, including taking my dog for a walk around the neighborhood. I anticipate getting more exercise this summer (and having to clean less dog piss from my carpet courtesy of his dog). Given the soaring price of gas though, I doubt Mr. Dog and I will be walking anywhere exotic.

On a somewhat related note, the poison ivy that I acquired after last Saturday's walk in the woods has not abated. Weirdly enough, I have it on the insides of both knees and the inside of my left arm. That doesn't seem logical.


Momma Val said...

My husband used to be a forest ranger before he became a cop. They used to use a wash on their skin to help with poison ivy. Think I've seen something similar at Walgreens. May want to try it. That and Cortaid. Good luck!
Oh, and yuck . . . . dog piss. I feel your pain. Our dog has stomach issues and there is lots of dog puke and diarrhea in the house every few months. EWWW!

Smellyann said...

Our dog just shat diarrhea poo all over the rug tonight. Don't get another damn dog. They're freaking nasty.

Kidding, get one, get three! I love the poochies.

Is FF former fiance? It's taken me that long to figure it out, if so, because BFF is best friends forever, so I thought it was just that without the 'best.' :P

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

It makes perfect sense to me--those are the places most sensitive and they picked up oils from elsewhere on your clothes, body etc, and didn't get washed fast enough.


Enjoy walking! :-D