Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rail Trail to the North

Yesterday evening Birding Friend and I drove up to a rail trail. She'd been there in the past during the bird-a-thon and was anxious to get out one more time before starting a second job. I'm always open to finding new places to walk, especially if someone else is driving. It was a nice wide, flat, straight path that we walked for about three miles.

She pointed out bird calls and I showed her different ferns (cinnamon, interrupted, royal, and sensitive). I spied a muskrat just as it slipped into the water. The few ATVs we saw were driven at reasonable speeds by courteous individuals. It would be a nice spot to walk with the dogs or ride a bike, but with the high gas prices it's not exactly practical.

I am always wishing that we had a more extensive trail system in my area, so it brings me pleasure to find a rail trail somewhat nearby. To see if there are any near you, visit TrailLink.


BerryBird said...

I've never been on that trail, but I did bike the rail trail out on Cape Cod when I was living there. I think rail trails are fabulous--converting something useless into something people enjoy is always a good thing.

jo(e) said...

Hey, I was just on a rail trail on Saturday -- the one near Saratoga Springs.

Thanks for that link. I'm going to look up others.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I went to our state on that link (several times so far) (thanks) and they list some of the trails we already use, but the others I don't know where they are. I need tot ake time get out maps etc or BB to sit with me.