Sunday, July 06, 2008

Better Living

While reading a newly discovered blog, Better Living, I was inspired by Melissa's list of positive things she does towards what she describes as "better living." I came up with a list of my own, which will hopefully be evolving and growing.

Some positive things I do now:
  • buy used textbooks
  • use reusable cloth menstrual pads
  • use sea sponge tampons
  • compost
  • use reusable cloth grocery bags
  • mow the lawn as rarely as possible
  • run only full loads of laundry and dishes
  • wash clothes mostly on cold
  • reuse towels multiple times
  • wear some clothes multiple times before washing
  • buy some food stuff from farmer's market (locally grown/made)
  • buy organic when possible
  • have no AC in the house
  • keep thermostat as low as possible in wintertime
  • have solar panels to assist in heating during cold months
  • limit unnecessary driving
  • walk locally (in neighborhood) almost exclusively to eliminate the drive to more interesting places
  • think before making purchases- do I really need "x" item?
  • belong to Freecycle
  • donate old clothes/household items to Salvation Army
  • eat little meat (no red meat at all)
  • use compact fluorescent bulbs
  • drink tap water
  • use reusable metal water bottle
  • recycle paper, plastic, metal, glass
  • attempt to grow my own tomatoes
  • use reusable cloth napkins
  • not use any chemicals on my lawn or garden
  • read "green" blogs for additional ideas to incorporate into my lifestyle

Some long-term changes/goals:
  • buy reusable produce bags
  • reduce or eliminate paper towel usage
  • reduce kleenex usage (really?)
  • learn to sew
  • learn to cook
  • learn to make more of what I need
  • take shorter/fewer showers
  • use more natural cleaning products like vinegar
  • work closer to home
  • own a more fuel efficient car
  • buy used books (recreational books)
  • buy energy efficient appliances when old ones need replacing
  • grow more edibles
  • avoid big box stores


Melissa said...

Wow - thanks for stopping by and for this wonderful post! I'm glad you made a list too (which reminds me I should update mine!) I find it's really inspiring to see how much I already do that I might not have realized if I hadn't written it all down, and it's good for me to have something to work towards as well.

BerryBird said...

Reducing kleenex usage seems like an impossible task for me also, given my excessive supply of boogers. I know I should transition to hankies, but I'd need a gross (gross). In the meantime, I buy tissues and toilet paper made from recycled paper. Baby steps?

Nicole said...

I am inspired by your use of cloth menstrual pads and sponge tampons. Does it really work for you? If so, I think you are converting me. We do use hankies at our house, but mainly because our dog has an appetite for paper tissues.

a/k/a Nadine said...

Nicole, it does work for me, but I do have a fairly light and short cycle. I am completely satisfied with this method!

Momma Val said...

I need to make one of these lists but there are several things on here I already do or will do. Here's a few thoughts: Refuse t o give up kleenex but when money is tight I just use TP, I re-gift religiously, I only really use vinegar, baking soda, bon ami and sometimes purchase 7 generations spray and borax (still use windex . . . sigh), got a shower saver at Ace and we love it. The spray is pretty mighty and it saves water at the same time under $20 and a great investment. Recycle just about everything. Guess there's even a pot you can buy and sink in a hole in your yard for breaking down dog poo? Will wear clothes several times but not really in the summer . . . . EWWWWWW! I'm just way too oily and sweaty. Started buying one large roll of brown janitor paper towels. I got them at GFS by my house. Then I stick them by the dog clean up department only. Now who will go there for a paper towel for their food? Not me. My strategy has worked fabulously on this. If we did not have dog puke or poo occasionally in the house when doggy gets sick I wouldn't buy them at all. I have a huge bin for clean rags (old towels and towels from Thrift) and a large basket for dirty rags. Then I wait til the dirty fills up and do a mighty load of them. All our appliances are energy star since the remodel. Phew! Guess there's alot more than I gave myself credit for. Sorry for ranting. Thanks!

a/k/a Nadine said...

That's great Momma Val! There's some good ideas in that rant. ;-)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOTS of GREAT ideas here.

I do personally favor "snot rags" they are washable and always in a pocket or by the bedside--and any germs are ones you already have anyway.

I had something to add but promprtly forgot it when something on the stove started fizzing.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

The little family motel we stay at when we take PB to Blue Lake and pick him up again provides clean rags for clean-up and make-up removal in a little basket--so nice.

Less TV watching is always good, too. LOL! :-D Easy for me to say, since we watch none--PB, on the other hand . . .

Avoid conspicuous and consumption, Yeah! You're doing good there, or any unnecessary, and for me, lose weight (eat less food), and I had something I wanted to say and still can't think of. WAHN!