Monday, September 16, 2013

30 Days of Lists: Week 2

Week 2 of the 30 Days of Lists project has been just as much fun as week 1. We were campering this past weekend, so I was unable to post my weekly recap yesterday as planned. I also wasn't able to access my email or the internet until we returned home today, so I completed lists #15 & #16 as soon as I fired up my laptop (after a much needed shower).

Last week I left off with list #7, so this week I'll pick up with list #8. The list is short because, well, so is my long-term memory.
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I enjoyed list #9 quite a bit. I cry easily, so it was not much of a challenge to think of these items.

List #10 required a lot more thought. I'm a horrible gift giver and my family generally sticks to wish-lists to ensure people get what they actually want. I did finally come up with some ideas though, obviously.

List #11 was another easy one. My family has really helped me to be the person I am, so I focused on some of the many positive things they have taught me.

List #12 was one that had some wiggle room. We could've listed our favorite things that have happened so far this month, but I decided to list my favorite things about September in general.

Everyone has lots of bad habits, so list #13 was fairly easy. (Sorry the picture is blurry.)

I love weekends because I work regular business hours, so I always have weekends off. List #14 reflects an at home weekend, not a campering one.

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