Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just Write {6}: On the Couch

I'm sitting on the couch, cross-legged with a corner of a queen-sized, medium weight, goose-down comforter over my legs and my laptop balanced on top of the puffiness. Law & Order: SVU  is on the TV, but it's an episode I've seen many times. I find the older episodes of Law & Order make nice white noise, whereas the new ones are too upsetting. I had to cancel the series recording on the DVR. The last thing I need is another TV show that contributes to poor sleep.

I'm enjoying a glass of moscato, even though I can't help but wish I was drinking one of our homemade wines. Unfortunately, our whites won't be ready until April and both of our reds went bad. The wasted juice makes me sad. I will strongly encourage my husband to stick with whites in the future. I prefer the taste and they are less likely to turn.

My husband isn't home yet. He's out dealing with a bad tire stud on his truck which will need to be replaced tomorrow. Like most people the expense and aggravation will make him unhappy and probably put him in a foul mood. I know I'm the weird one. I don't usually get angry about car problems, unless they were caused by my own stupidity or error. It's like railing against taxes. Getting upset won't change a thing. I prefer to waste my anger at things I feel I can control, like my job.

I used the elliptical when I got home from work, which helps me burn away some angst. The post-workout muscle looseness combines well with the wine and the warm blanket. I could curl up with my blanket and close my eyes...

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This is my sixth installment of Just Write, "an exercise in free writing your ordinary and extraordinary moments." You can read about this project at The Extraordinary Ordinary. You can read my first five installments by clicking on the Just Write tag.

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

hmmm, another one I missed! What's with that? I will have to change the setting on my email, or something.

I can;t always control the things that upset me. I wish I could.