Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another Way in Which I am Green

Our office took part in a team-building, touchy-feely session hosted by the Human Resources department yesterday afternoon. Among other activities, we completed the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). My results put me squarely in the Green: Analytic-Autonomizing category.

Valued Relating style:
-Being objective
-Being right
-Being principled
-Being in control of one's emotions
-Being practical
-Being cautious and thorough
-Being fair
-Being resolute
-Being serious
-Being their own "judge and jury"
-Being their "own person"
-Thinking things through before acting

There was lots more to it, but one interesting point was:

You feel distant from and contemptuous of people who... never seem to take anything seriously; try to push their help on you or try to push you to do things their way.

It's like an elaborate horoscope. But I like being GREEN.

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