Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Wonders of Modern Technology

As usual, when it comes to things technology-related, I am a bit slow to get in the game. But once in, I do fully appreciate the wonders of modern technology. I resisted the digital camera craze until my mother (the proud owner of trillions of digital cameras herself) gave me the Kodak Easy-Share. And easy, it is. Easy to download, easy to print, easy to take snapshots with (for real photography though, I wouldn't recommend it).

My most recent addition to the collection of technological wonders comes in the form of a cordless optical mouse. Yes, I know that these are nothing new. Afterall, both of my baby boomer parents own them. I broke down and bought one this past Saturday (like chocolate, it was futile to resist), and I love it! I also had to buy a USB hub so that I could run everything without swapping cords. A mere week or two ago I didn't even know these existed.

Of course, I also just saw those USB keychain doo-hickeys in action for the first time two weeks ago. Where have I been? And how can I justify buying one?


BerryBird said...

Just think of it that you are waiting for the bugs to be worked out of each new product before you buy it. You don't want to rush in. We have an optical mouse, but they weren't available cordless yet when we got it.

Or you could say, "Hey, at least I have a cell phone." I'm still resisting that technological innovation. Like a hot potato.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! This is very funny.

I do like those little key chain USB thingies (I have a couple of them) but I'm not sure you need one unless you have TWO comouters to trasfer things between (stories at work?)

You could play with one of mine and see if you like it.