Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Class-related stuff

Well, I finally heard from my partner after yet another (more panicky) email. We've exchanged rough drafts. Hopefully, the ball is rolling and we can finish this tonight. Oh, the optimism.

I find I am not much for blogging when I am overly stressed, so perhaps after tomorrow's class I can relax a smidge. Although then I may just transfer my stress to the upcoming poster project who's due date is fast approaching.

I have, however, finally decided what class I will try to register for for the spring semester: an intro to Digital Libraries class. I say "try" because it is an online class that will only be open to campus-based students after the distance ones get their whack at it. Don't worry, I have some back-up plans.


Sara said...

Is the poster project a group one, too? Because I think anything where you have control over your own work would inherently be less stressful than lousy impractical group projects.

Erin said...

Group, yes. Four people! Bonus.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Did they say why they are requiring group projects? Is it supposed to be a learning experience? Sounds like a hassle and a drag to me. UGH! Bleah! Sorry you have to be so stressed out by such annoyances.

I sometimes find blogging a pleasant diversion when I should be doing something more important (bad me!)