Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Day Off

I took the day off today for two stupid reasons:

a) I had not managed to do my homework for the one class I am taking that meets tonight. Hello, time management issues? I can't seem to find time for work, class, the new dog, sleep, and my fiance. My fiance and my classwork seem to be getting the shaft these days. And class will be picking up big-time in the next week or two with a paper and the group poster assignment. It's looking bad for my fiance if I can't figure out how to organize my time better.


b) Paulie got neutered yesterday and I was worried about him cooped up in the kennel all day with nothing to do but lick his two (yes, two) wounds. The darling little "free" dog was in possession of a cryptorchid (an undescended testicle), which jacked up the overall bill for the vet an additional $143. It's really too bad he's so cute and lovable. Sigh. And potentially more worrisome is the EKG abnormalities that will require further investigation. So much for free. (But I love him! Hug, hug.)


BerryBird said...

Cryptorchid is such a cool word for such an unpleasant phenomena. It sounds like a secretive flower. You had been worried about this all along--too bad the cost will prevent you from enjoying being right. It seems Mr. Rochester should maybe be examined for this condition as well. OK, I'll shut up now.

Poor Mark.

a/k/a Nadine said...

Actually, I asked about Mr. Rochester's internal bulbous structures during the cryptorchid discussion. Apparently, they are just glands and are absolutely normal. Not testes.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Hope everything turns out OK!